Every girl starts life believing in herself.

Not all young women harness that self-belief.

We are changing that.

Ripples & Waves is a collaboration between PLC Perth and Rabia Siddique – a humanitarian, author, international speaker, human rights lawyer, and hostage survivor.

The programme was bred from a strong desire to see all young women at PLC Perth given opportunities to lead. There are many ways and many opportunities for people to act as leaders. At PLC, Ripples & Waves will show girls that there are few things more rewarding in life than service leadership.

It is often said that service is the most selfish act of all – because most people who serve others get far more back than what they give. It is true that many people become involved in service because they think they can change the world. Most often it is them who have been changed as a result of their selfless commitment to serve.

Ripples & Waves has been built around Franklin Covey’s Leader in Me model and the Seven Habits linked to social-emotional learning outcomes.

  1. Be proactive – responsibility, initiative, self-control, and self-management
  2. Begin with the end in mind – purpose and vision, self-awareness, goal setting, planning, reflection, and self-management
  3. Put first things first – prioritise, time management, organisation, planning, follow-through, self-management, and accountability
  4. Think win-win – respect, courage, consideration, conflict management, fairness and problem-solving
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood – empathetic listening, honesty, trust, openness, and public speaking
  6. Synergise – value diversity, collaboration, teamwork, creative thinking, imagination, and problem-solving; and
  7. Sharpen the saw – renewal, life balance, contribution, continual learning, and growth-minded.

The Curriculum

Module One

Students are led through the Seven Habits by seven expert facilitators, who will each challenge and inspire through their stories and life lessons.

Module Two

Peer-led coaching which guides students to ask for help, listen, provide encouragement and impart advice.

Module Three

Experiential and service learning through a social justice lens. PLC Perth has partnered with three not-for-profit agencies with whom the students will form endearing and enduring relationships through long-term learning and service experience.

Module Four

Students will draw from their experiences and be encouraged to embed their new skills and perspectives to which they have been exposed and focus on an action component, in the form of a project aimed at addressing or solving a problem they have identified.